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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why Other States Have CA Beat...On Some Things

Oh, don't get all offended just yet! I could go on and on as to why CA is the Mack Daddy of states. But, that's for another blog post. Sort of. You can also gleam it from current blog posts :)

So- some context. A couple weeks ago, Krista and I attended an SF beer week beer tasting event.

The event was run by the always delightful City Beer Store and FiftyFifty Brewing Company in Lake Tahoe, CA. Don't expect to find a review of that event (which was a lot of fun. And you can bet your Sunday Slippers I'll be making a stop at FiftyFifty the next time I'm in Tahoe); rather, this post examines how...public policy? can affect the proliferation of the types of beers you enjoy drinking. My desire to discuss public policy comes not from my inherent nerdiness, but because the famed Todd Ashman, FiftyFifty's current brewer, brought up the first topic of our two-part blog series on Silly CA Laws That Have Unintended Consequences on Your Beer Drinking during our tasting. Ashman began explaining exactly why it was necessary he emphasize the BAB (barrel-aged beer) we drank "officially has little to no traces of liquor in it!"