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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The 2013 Brewery Wish List

It’s always fun to compile a wish-list. Especially during weeks where it's been on and off raining, mixed with sticky, warm humidity. Without further ado, here’s my brewery “wish-list.” Feedback and recommendations are more than welcome!

Golden Road Brewing
Golden Road was started by 27-year-old Meg Gill. It’s making major waves in the LA brewery scene (which I believe is pretty nascent. Angelenos, correct me if I’m wrong!)

Meg appears to be kicking ass. She’s a (young) woman who started a brewery in an industry typically dominated by men. The brewery aims to pay homage to the way people live and drink in LA. She was first and foremost keen on making “killer, sessionable beers that people could enjoy each and every day”- even though the big beer lure is always there (and if you read this blog, you know I’m a fan of this approach). She’s also focused on fostering a custom of drinking IPA’s in LA.

If you traffic in LA stereotypes, you’re probably thinking those vain, health-obsessed Angelenos shy away from beer. Not true. Remember that “LA” is composed of many, many incredibly diverse neighborhoods that don’t skew Hollywood. Beer lovers exist. I’m telling you that as someone who is a fan of LA, and who is relatively familiar with its landscape.

Anderson Valley Brewing Company
I know, I know, I know. No excuses. Um- it’s kind of far? Ok, yes, I did drive through Anderson Valley on the way to Mendocino last year. But trust me, a visit there *will* happen this summer.

AVB is a well-known brewery in the Bay Area. While it may not be as popular as Russian River or Lagunitas, they offer respected beers. Also, they’re located in Boonville. Which is, like, heaven. Especially in the summer.

Ballast Point Brewing
San Diego is one of the earliest homes of the IPA. And damn, does Ballast Point do an IPA good. Case in point: the Sculpin IPA.

While I adore both the Sculpin and Pliny the Elder…I have to go with Sculpin as my favorite IPA. Ever. It rocks my beer world. So tasty. So fresh. So pine-y. So drinkable. So smooth. So not heavy.

Plus, it’s San Diego. Not the worst place to visit in the world. Arm doesn’t need twisting, ya know?

Stone Brewing
Stone is definitely a SERIOUS Mac Daddy of the beer world. I mean, their website alone speaks to this. They have an actual FAQ. They have a News Room. Because they make News. They were named the All-time Top Brewery on Planet Earth by BeerAdvocate magazine in 2008 and 2009. Um…that’s crazy. They are the 11th largest craft brewery in the U.S., and distribute to 37 states. Not a small feat for a craft brewery. Their brewery tour is apparently stellar. Care to join?

They’re known for, amongst other things, the Arrogant Bastard Ale, their IPA, the Ruination, and the Levitation.

Also, they organized a tasting of their Vertical Epic Ales at my mecca City Beer a couple months ago. Which was totally overwhelming in a really amazing way, because there were so many beers to choose from and they all tasted differently and it was all OMG choices ALL the feelings.

Speaking of mecca, I’ll be there tonight. Will be sure to fill you in what those crazy kids have up their sleeves.

Bis Spater,


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