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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The 2013 Brewery Wish List

It’s always fun to compile a wish-list. Especially during weeks where it's been on and off raining, mixed with sticky, warm humidity. Without further ado, here’s my brewery “wish-list.” Feedback and recommendations are more than welcome!

Golden Road Brewing
Golden Road was started by 27-year-old Meg Gill. It’s making major waves in the LA brewery scene (which I believe is pretty nascent. Angelenos, correct me if I’m wrong!)

Meg appears to be kicking ass. She’s a (young) woman who started a brewery in an industry typically dominated by men. The brewery aims to pay homage to the way people live and drink in LA. She was first and foremost keen on making “killer, sessionable beers that people could enjoy each and every day”- even though the big beer lure is always there (and if you read this blog, you know I’m a fan of this approach). She’s also focused on fostering a custom of drinking IPA’s in LA.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Going With The Flow is Key/Social Kitchen & Brewery

At work, I use a MacBook Air. It's a good computer. At least, it was a good computer until it failed me.

It failed me not in that it broke, or that it had some dysfunction that prevents me from doing my work. Rather, it failed me because of the "N" key.

A week or so ago, I spilled some water on my keyboard. I'm pretty sure it affected the "N" key, because on Sunday night, I noticed the "N" was smeared and that the light off the "N" was shining brighter than the other letters.

This pretty much brought me to pieces. No, I didn't have a literal breakdown or scream or throw anything. But I did stare at the key nonstop, then attempt to black it out with marker. When that didn't work, I resorted to taking a piece of masking tape, writing "N" on the tape, and covering the key. Because I don't want it to be unlike the rest of the keys on the keyboard. It had to be the same. It needed to be exactly how I wanted it be.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Two Years, Some Beers, Less Fears

We're back, two years later. Life got in the way of blogging. I became fully employed for a new company in an entirely new “who would have thought I would be doing this but it’s pretty cool” industry, moved to the delightful city of San Francisco and made it my mission to explore as much of the Golden state as possible. Since my last blog, I've tasted countless delicious beers and have become convinced California- OK, northern California- is the microbrew capital of the U.S.

Rather than attempt to sum up two years of beer intake, I'll pick up in present-day. More specifically, I'll pick up with a recent trip to Chicago that yielded a beer revelation. Have no fear, CA reviews are here. They’re just later on down the line.